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Become a payment solution for global users
Open account via DNBCnet Mobile App to send money everywhere.



Easy for making online applications. Convenient process and dedicated support. There is no need to visit, we're here to help around the clock.



Protect user data and apply SSL/TLS encryption & cloud data, and join the digital platform chosen by thousands of individuals and businesses.



Join our digital platform to experience the advanced mobile banking platform designed to help you send and manage your payment.

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Make Online Application

Click on “Open an Account” to start your application.


Choose Type of Services

Choose the type of service and package you prefer.


Wait And Get Approval

Wait for approval and track the status of account information via email.


Go Live and Execute Payment

Complete account setup and ready to send your money global.

Why Choose Us?

Download DNBCnet App and create an account
Enjoy the better way to handle your money abroad.

Security On Top Priority

Security On Top Priority

Rely on cybersecurity with respect to user information and focus on improvement of technologies to help every payment surpass fraud in transaction and protect data.

Dedicated Account

Easy to manage your accounts with one-touch screen, and all features you need for your global transfer is available on DNBCnet App.

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Dedicated Account Management
Instant Access To Your E-Statements

Instant Access To Your E-Statements

Easy to manage and inspect the latest digital versions of your regular statements. Instead of receiving a paper statement in the email, users will get notifications whenever e-statements for your eligible accounts are available.

Download DNBCnet App

Join the community of people who manage and execute payments from one app. DNBCnet App brings creativity with improving the experience of traditional payments. It delivers superior access to international transfer and direct payments. Offering advantages of excellent rates and exclusive packages to perform cross-border transactions. Managing your payments all in one place and tracking your daily payments seamlessly. Apply a free online account in minutes.

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