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Director of Money Transmitter License in California, United States

Updated time: Dec 10, 2021, 06:03 (UTC+03:00)

Director of Money Transmitter License in California


MTL Licensing Director

Annual 100,000 USD - Full-time

Company Overview

DNBC Financial LLC, member of DNBC Financial Group was founded as a payment service institution in 2017, providing digital banking, payment transactions, including transfers of funds, money remittance, payment card acquiring globally enables clients to use the global markets ecosystem to achieve their business goals through one trusted partner.

DNBC Financial now present in the European Union, Viet Nam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and now California, USA let us into an international financial institution.


Why join us?

  • We offer an attractive salary that commensurate with work experience;
  • We provide opportunities for career advancement within the company;
  • We advocate a safe working environment for all our employees.

Job Title

Director of Money Transmitter License in California

General Duties

  • Applies Money Transmitter License with the California Money Transmitter Division for DNBC Financial LLC.
  • Builds policies and procedures to comply with Money Transmitter regulations in California and USA including local business AML risk assessment
  • Provides regular reports, advises on relevant laws, regulations and best practice to Management and the regulators where necessary
  • Works with Bank/Financial Institutions to expand payment network (Payment Account, Nostro/Correspondent account for DNBC)
  • Liaises with regulator/authority external bodies on compliance matters, where relevant

Role Description & Requirements:

  • Understanding and the required processes for Money Transmitter License acquisition license in California.
  • Understanding and ensuring the compliance with industry rules and regulations;
  • Preparing BSA/AML & OFAC Compliance Program and relevant policies;
  • Implenting effectiveness of compliance policies and procedures;
  • Facilitating filings of Suspicious activity reports (SAR) and information requests from state and federal government
  • Developing and implement effective BSA/AML internal training program
  • Ability to implement initiatives to drive the business effectively
  • And other job-to-be-done

Experience requirement:

  • Must have 3+ years of experience in a bank or money transmitter institution, specifically be fluent with application processes for a Money Transmitter License, developing, executing and managing a comprehensive U.S. regulatory compliance program.
  • Knowledge of the laws applicable to AML, TF, and other applicable financial/securities related crimes, including the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), The USA PATRIOT Act, US Treasury AML guidelines, OFAC, FinCEN and SAR filing requirements
  • Must have a throughout understand of the state and federal money transmitter licensing processes. Familiarity with the Money Transmitter License in California is a plus.
  • Experience in working with the state regulators and auditors.
  • Strong knowledge of the financial services industry and regulatory environment.
  • Ability to interpret laws and regulations and report that information to management.

Working Address: 19900 MacArthur Boulevard, Suite 1190, Irvine, CA 92612

Apply via LinkedIn or email: [email protected]

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